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Dear Sir or Madam,

since my cell phone is broken, I can't even manage taking and uploading crappy shoots from the hip. So this chanel has been dead for a long time.

As my dear friend Mr. Spock would say: Nature detests a void. So I thought I could at least re-post my favorite fail blog pics here ... until I get off my ass and actually do some new photos with what my equipment locker has still to offer. (5x digital zoom. 2" LCD. 6.0 Megapixels. When was the time ... ?)   

Hail Sol Invictus
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Hey kiddos,

I uploaded my latest montage on youtube.

Check it out!…

Hope you like it.
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Hey people,

My latest work is finally on youtube: A new video clip for parody badass gangsta rapper King Fuck. It turned out even trashier than I was hoping for. The clip is shot entirely with an old digital still camera and took almost 2 years of rotoscoping. (You probably know the saying that rotoscope artists unconsciously prefer dates with tight clothes and short, slick hair ...) I actually finished this in July, but we were worried about the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution". Thankfully it's all settled now. So, enough of words.…

Enjoy! And don't forget to switch to HD.

For those who don't speak German: the song is in German, but I guess you will get the point. (The title means "Hamburg Headshot")

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She perpetrated this: :)

1. You do not in any way whatsoever remind me of a spork. :iconsporkplz:
2. Dark blue. You seem cool, calm and collected and I always associate lighter shades of blue with younger children so... ^^;
3. My first memory of you would be when you commented on my work and then things just grew from there! And I have lots of memories of you telling me about all your grand plans too :)
4. An Ibis, intelligent and carrying a distinguished air around itself. (But not in a snobby way... more of like an "I'm awesome" air... if that makes sense XD)
5. So you always seem to be busy, what keeps you motivated?
6. I like how you make me laugh :D
7. I don't like how we keep missing each other on MSN >_>
8. Post away~ :3

Fanx a lot, my dearest cloud head :)
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